About this blog:
This site is dedicated to Lucy Lawless, her character of Lucretia, and the Spartacus series. One of my all time favorite shows. There is also a page dedicated to the late Andy Whitfield.

About the History:
This blog was started December 29 2009. The first several postings were originally at Klippart's Shangri-la which has since been renamed to DustyScrolls, a Xena/Lucy Lawless site.

I decided to start this separate site because (1) I knew that many Xena fans would not be fans of Spartacus, even though Lucy is in it! I didn't want to bombard them with Sparty news on the Xena site. And (2) I wanted to focus some on the other actors/characters as well as delve into the aspects of the show.

At first there was mostly videos and my artwork. I believe in having original content and it has since evolved somewhat into full-fledged blogging. I like to write my thoughts down about episodes and news.

About me:

Female | Canada | Age: 41
Blogger | Artist | Geek

Fan of Lucy Lawless @RealLucyLawless

Fan of Xena, Spartacus, (and Lucy), to which I blog and do art about. My blogs and art are a hobby to me. I'm just a fan whom enjoys doing this. There's nothing official here whatsoever. All opinions are expressly my own.

About my posts:
Do not plagiarize anything I write. If you would like  an excerpt, please give me  proper credit with a link back to the original  post. I don't think that's too much to ask. DO NOT EVER take credit for something I write.
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Art Policies:
- Do not take credit for it
- Do not re-use it for other artwork(such as collages)
- Do not sell it
- Do not submit it for anything, such as a contest(ask me first)
- Do not bombard anyone's social media sites with it
- Do not try to crop out, paint over, or in any way try to hide my signature
- Do not alter the image*

*I understand about Facebook, Twitter, etc, re-sizing, cropping banners/profile pictures automatically. That's ok)

You can, preferably with a credit:
- Tweet it
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If you're not sure about something, ask me.

Technical Stuff:
[1] Dynamic Views
There is now a 'Dynamic Views' choice in the drop-down menu bar up top, where the lead title says 'Classic View.' This is a feature of Blogger.

It enables you to look at my blog(sans widgets) in a new way. My personal favorite is 'Flipcard View,' as this allows a huge quantity of posts to aggregate into squares where you can then pick and choose what you want to look at.

*Please note that 'Snapshot View' only aggregates post with pictures and video thumbnails. In addition, in some cases, embedded items may not show such as 'Storify.'

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