September 25, 2013

The Spartacus Saga: Uncut Trailer

Here's the trailer for the Spartacus Saga: Uncut:

Video Description
The Spartacus Saga: Uncut, with extended episodes, is coming to STARZ beginning October 26th at 10pm ET/PT.

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September 14, 2013

Spartacus Saga: Uncut Official Poster

An update to yesterday's news as Starz released their official poster for the event:

September 13, 2013

A Special Announcement from Liam McIntyre

Starz is airing all four seasons of Spartacus in a special dubbed 'The Spartacus Saga Uncut' starting Saturday October 26. The seasons will all be in order and will have special extended episodes:

September 11, 2013

It's Been Two Years...

...since Andy Whitfield passed away.

Last year I marked the one year anniversary by writing a post here. This year I decided to keep it low-key. Please check out Andy's page. A page dedicated to Andy with many links and information.

Thank you, and don't forget to Be Here Now

*Edit* I decided to post this video released by Vashti Whitfield today: Just watch: