September 11, 2012


Today is the eleventh anniversary of the horrible 9/11 terror attacks. A day in which the world was profoundly changed, and that change continues to resonate up to this very moment and beyond. So many lives lost.
Rest in peace.

Today is the release of the Spartacus Vengeance dvd/blu ray relative to this blog and fandom. The timing strikes me as ironically perfect. Andy gave his blessing for continuation of the show. He never complained about it going on without him. And now the show has one more season, the final. The Spartacus series has opened doors of opportunity for many of the actors and crew, etc. in their respective careers. It's popularity propelled forth by all involved with the show including Andy and his outstanding performance in the brilliant season one. I think Liam did an excellent job in Vengeance. He has turned out to be such a gift to the fans. He's absolutely wonderful and adorable in interviews and on Twitter. Respect.

and finally.....

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of Andy Whitfield. As with the 9/11 attacks I remember exactly where I was. At home, well at my previous address, right here on my computer checking Twitter to see if there was any fandom news. And there it was. I remember how sad that made me.

Here's my exact tweet that day:

I was so upset that I forgot to place the link to the article.

As you know, there is a documentary called 'Be Here Now' being made about Andy's last days. He had a message to tell, to be in the present and not fear the unknown. Whatever the significance is to you of today, or any other day, I think it's good advice. We should all try and Be Here Now.


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