December 27, 2011

STARZ Studios -- Spartacus: Vengeance Inside Look

An 11:56 minute long inside look, with cast interviews, behind the scenes footage, and unseen episode footage:

STARZ Studios takes you beyond the arena with an inside look at Spartacus: Vengeance. Plus, go behind the scenes with the cast and crew as they discuss the new season.

-Did I see Ilithyia slap Lucretia upside her head? Looking forward to seeing these two! Heehee
-Lucretia slapping Ashur! About time!
-Lucretia giving someone a bobbitt! Yikes!
-The Phantom camera fascinates me. They better get their well deserved awards. Then again Hollywood=HeadInAss. So probably not, dammit!
-Liam saying you'll never guess who dies. You'll never guess who lives. What a tease!

December 26, 2011

Liam McIntyre SPARTACUS: VENGEANCE Interview With Collider

Interview with Liam readers:

……You wish you didn’t have the chance to go for a role, when it’s done so amazingly well by a guy that you respect yourself, but then when you do, you have that inner obligation to yourself, as a fan of the show, to do the best job you can. That’s just hard work and doing everything you can to honor the script and be truthful to it………read full article

December 21, 2011

Spartacus: Vengeance -- New long-form trailer - Transcribed

New shiny trailer out today readers! This trailer is pure awesomeness! There's so much going on. It'll take awhile for me to dissect and transcribe it. Especially with the craziness of the holidays. Some notables however:

-Is Illithyia pregnant? She sure looks it in that white dress. Also in one scene she's wearing all black and looks to be grieving. And she's crawling on the ground? What the....?
-Glaber and Seppia hooking up?
-Lucretia and Ilithyia and their lethal "friendship," a knife/dagger is shown near the back of Lucretia arm.
-Spartacus and Mira are "getting together"
-Did you see Spartacus cut off that guy's face? Whoa!
-Lucretia running away from someone or something?
-Gannicus entering an arena for what appears to be a gladiator fight.
-Thought I saw Spartacus in an arena and he threw a spear into the crowd? Or at Romans? Not sure.

Anyways, check it out for yourself:

Glaber to crowd: We have all suffered loss to those closest to us to this festering disease of rebellion.

Spartacus to Mira: The Romans, they took everything from me!

Mira to Spartacus: Your heart still beats.

Spartacus: We will see our numbers grow, and when they have become legion, we will repay with blood!

Ilithyia to Glaber: Why have I been brought to this house?

Glaber to Ilithyia: This is our home until Spartacus falls.

Lucretia to Ilithyia: We are friends are we not?

Ilithyia to Lucretia: The very best.(breathy whisper)

Roman solder on horse chasing Spartacus shouts: Spartacus!!!

Spartacus to Glaber?: You who condemed us to slavery, soon I will have your life!

Glaber to ?: We shall kill them all!

Spartacus to his men?: Let Rome send their legions, we will strike Glaber and his army from this world!

Glaber to arena crowd: Spartacus shall kneel before the glory of Rome!

Spartacus to ?: I am a free man!

Spartacus to his men?: Spread word to every slave....that even the mighty Republic bleeds when struck!

December 20, 2011

Cynthia Addai-Robinson 'Spartacus: Vengeance' Interview - NewsBlaze

Interview with the new Naevia readers:

KW: How is the role of Naevia going to be expanded in the upcoming season?

CAR: I wish I could tell you! The writers have put together a great season with a lot of surprises, so you'll have to tune in to find out. read article

There's not a lot about the Naevia character, but it was nice reading about Cynthia!

Lucy Doesn't Have a Facebook

There are some fake Lucy Lawless Facebook pages proclaiming themselves as being official. I could write an encyclopedia about imposters. But instead I'll direct you to a couple other previous posts I wrote on my other blogs. They involved fake Lucy sites too. Recently from December 4 2011 - Lucy Doesn't Have a Facebook.  And from October 25 2010 - Celebrity Impostors.

Lucy doesn't have a Twitter either. She has an Official website though: If she were ever to sign up for a Twitter or Facebook or anything else, I'm sure it would be announced and linked from there. Also you can also follow @sharondel at Twitter. She's the webmaster for Lucy's site.

December 19, 2011

Cunning Eyes of Vengeance

There's no way she can have that sly look, and me not use it, right? ;)

December 18, 2011

Spartacus Story Told To The End?

Check out this tweet by Steven Deknight:

 Steven DeKnight 

Originally 5-7. Now not sure, but will tell story to the end. RT how many seasons of spartacus r u planning?
Retweeted by 

Well this sounds promising. All I ever wanted was for Spartacus' full story to be told from beginning to end. With all the ups and downs, and sadness of the last couple years, I wasn't sure that would happen. But since Spartacus has already been renewed for season 3, things are looking up!

December 14, 2011

Liam McIntyre as Spartacus

Liam McIntyre shares his thoughts on taking on the role of Spartacus

December 12, 2011

Advanced look of Spartacus: Vengeance (6 min)

This is the same video I posted before of Liam introducing the opening scene, except there is new footage added on starting at 3:50. The extra shows the Roman end of things with Glaber being the central focus!

December 11, 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Episode Two Description - A Place In This World

There was already a brief description at MSN Entertainment that I wrote an earlier post about:
Spartacus and his men liberate a villa; Oenomaus throws himself into the brutal pits.

Now there is a more detailed one at Starz's site in the tv schedule area:
Spartacus and his men liberate a Roman villa, but its slaves are wary. Oenomaus throws himself into the brutal Pits, and Glaber supports Lucretia’s prophecies, despite Ilithyia’s protests.

Sounds even more intriguing!

December 8, 2011

Spartacus Vengeance - Opening Scene

Starz released the opening scene today to IGN. It was uber exciting, I have to say! Goosebumps! My take on Liam from the tiny bit that was shown: he does an awful job as Andy, but an awesome job as Spartacus! Get my point, eh?

December 6, 2011

Spartacus "Spoilers" From Michael Ausiello

Personally, I don't find them to be that much of spoilers. Probably because I keep a really close eye on the show. Still, you've been warned!

Question: Please get us some news on Spartacus: Vengeance. You have been way to quiet about this show! —Seena

The answer below *spoilers*

Ausiello: Well, since I just received (and screened) the first two episodes (airing Jan. 27 and Feb. 3), right now seems like a perfect time for me to break my silence, don’t you think? Now then, I’ll admit it was bittersweet diving back into the action so soon after Andy Whitfield’s death. And, as strong a first impression as his successor, Liam McIntyre, makes, Andy’s spirit loomed large for me throughout the first episode. How could I — or anyone — watch Spartacus 2 without thinking about Spartacus 1? But by Episode 2, I was fully immersed in what was going on on-screen. So much so that I can say — and happily, I might add — that both the character and the show remain in top form.

In fact, the series continues to push the envelope where blood and sex are concerned. (The gauntlet’s been thrown, True Blood.) Within the first two episodes, there’s an orgy as well as some of the most brutal slayings ever. (Seriously — Lorena Bobbit would be proud.) There’s also a heartbreaking death that is preceded by an even more heartbreaking last wish. Oh, and as those promos made pretty clear, Lucretia’s alive and she’s bats#*! crazy! read more

December 5, 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Episode Titles

Episode One and Two were revealed in this picture(click through link) of a press kit dvd posted by Michael Ausiello.
"A Place In This World"

Michael Ausiello's photo Well there goes my Sunday.

Furthermore, MSN Entertainment has the Episode Guide listed. All 10 Episode titles as well as six episode logs:
Warning ***Spoilers***
Do not click on the link if you don't want to be spoiled!

December 4, 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Episode One Description - Fugitivus

Well here it is right from Starz's site:

Spartacus discovers the grave responsibilities and costs involved in his new role as a leader of freed slaves. Claudius Glaber’s arrival in Capua forces Spartacus to keep his rebellious band intact. 

Nothing mind-blowing, but exciting nevertheless!