October 28, 2011

The Gang Is Working On The Spartacus Vengeance DVD Commentary!

Apparently. According to Steven S. Deknight's Facebook. It's his birthday today as well. Happy Birthday! :)

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes, my good peeps! I'll be spending part of the day doing DVD commentary with the awesome likes of Liam J. McIntyre, Lucy Lawless, Viva Bianca, and Peter Mensah. It's a Spartacus Par-Tay, bitches!
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October 26, 2011

Liam McIntyre Talks Stepping Into The Role Of ‘Spartacus’

Liam talks about his new role, and about how the cast found out about Andy's passing.

October 24, 2011

John Hannah Lands Role In Damages

John has landed a major recurring role:

'Damages' Sets 'Spartacus' Star Opposite Ryan Phillippe (Exclusive)
John Hannah will recur as an adviser to Phillippe's Julian Assange-type character in the fifth and final season of the DirecTV drama. read full story - THR

October 17, 2011

Is Spartacus Pornography?

One of my favorite shows is Spartacus, both the first season and the prequel. It's going to be two years soon since it began January 22 2010. From the very beginning I've been a staunch supporter of the show. However, I still see people referring to it as pornography. Something I have always argued against. But lately I find myself asking: could I be wrong? Me be wrong? It could happen, right?


I've watched porn(don't get up in arms readers, long time ago, okay. it's a sad industry). Both soft-core and hard-core. In porn everything revolves around the sex scenes. Plot(or lack thereof), dialogue, scenery, direction, acting(don't laugh), are all about getting to the next sex scene. Fill time in between sex scenes with bad acting, terrible dialogue, awful storyline, and then hurry up onto the next sex scene, because that's all that matters!

In Spartacus however, everything revolves around storyline, plot and characters.  Not the sex scenes!  This is why I can clearly see the difference.

But why do people say that? Are they very young, perhaps teenagers, or just lack maturity? Sheltered? Maybe under-exposed is the best word. Not that I'm advocating to go out and watch pornography, but when I hear Spartacus wrongly referred in such grand sweeping statements as being pornography, I think to myself: are they watching the same show as me? The sex scenes, and indeed the nudity and violence as well, are there because they are integral to the story in that moment.  The quality of the writing, acting and directing is
top-notch. There is so much difference between this and porn that's it's beyond illogical to even apply that word.

Unfortunately I've seen some critics of well known magazines apply that label as well. Some dislike the show, so much so, that it's almost vitriolic. In their grand estimation of things, they have decided that they not only do not like the show, but they don't want others to like it either, and therefore wrongly cast a negative label of pornography upon it. These are supposed to be seasoned intelligent people that by all rights should be fair and logical and stand up to their responsibility as a writer. They know their words can cause sway! They should at least be correct in their assessments.

Some seasoned intelligent people, eh?

Spartacus isn't for everyone. That's why it's on a premium pay network. Not everyone will like it. I can understand that, and that's fine with me. I don't like everything on TV either.

Season two of Spartacus, Vengeance will begin airing the end of January 2012. I plan on watching it. I will do so in perfect clarity of knowing the answer to my question. Is Spartacus pornography? The answer is no.

October 16, 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Air Date

January 27th according to Liam's tweet:

 Liam McIntyre 
 by Klippart
January 27th. Not long now! RT“ welcome back mate. Any idea when Vengeance first airs worldwide? Impatient fellow Aussie.”

Canadian air date is January 29th 2012

October 15, 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Has Finished Shooting

Spartacus Vengeance has finished shooting readers. They're right on schedule I do believe. Into post production now. In 3 or 4 months the second season will air. A rocky bittersweet ride, but I'm looking forward to seeing it, and seeing Andy's legacy honored.

 Liam McIntyre 
 by Klippart
That, ladies and gentlemen, is a season 2 wrap. Tried my hardest, The rest is up to god (and visual effects)

October 6, 2011

Spartacus: Vengeance - In Production Now

New video from Starz readers. Lucy cracks me up. Looks like Oenomaus is a prisoner from the scenes. Did you see Lucretia's all bloody dress? Liam = handsome. Always interesting seeing the blue screen and knowing how different it will look when it airs.

I notice Steven said: "Spartacus' name comes first in the title, but I had always considered this show, especially once we moved into season two as an ensemble." - 1:38

Haven't I been saying that all along, eh readers? Im just sayin! Which is one of the reasons I was always for this show moving forward. I wanted to see many of the other characters. I wanted to see what would happen in different story-lines. It helps tremendously that Andy gave his blessing for the show to continue without him, may he rest in peace.

I'll be either updating this post, or doing a new post as I dissect this video over the coming days. Not sure when as this is Thanksgiving weekend in Canuckland. But I'll post a note in the sidebar. So keep an eye out!

Spartacus: Vengeance -- In Production with the cast, crew and executive producers. New season begins January 2012 on STARZ. http://www.starz.com/spartacus

October 1, 2011

Steven S Deknight Inks Two Year deal With Starz

Congratulations to Mr. Deknight! He's an awesome writer(not to mention a great guy) so this is well deserved! :)

Spartacus creator Steven S. DeKnight has inked a two-year overall deal at Starz.

Under the arrangement, the first deal of its kind at Starz, DeKnight will develop new projects and continue to showrun the swords and sandals drama. Read Full Hollywood Reporter Article