August 31, 2011

Spartacus Comic Con Cast Interviews Blood, Guts and "Spartacus" - Maxim

Katrina Law, Liam McIntyre, Manu Bennett, and Lucy Lawless tell Maxim why barbarity, dismemberments and gore always feel just right.

August 23, 2011

Spartacus Comic Con Transcripts

Some transcripts from SDCC round table interviews readers. Here are a few excerpts:
**Note, they redid their website and re-posted these. Their date now shows a later then when I posted this**

Spartacus Comic Con Interview(transcript) Lucy Lawless - Comic Bulletin - August 22 2011

Question: Did you threaten to kick Rob to the couch? Like "I come back for season three or...”

Lawless: You know what, um this would be season two technically because the other one's a prequel. But um, no, I never do that. It's like that man will do what's right for his show and I respect and like that about him. read full transcript
Lucy doesn't need this show for sh*t! She always has something on the go career-wise, not to mention all of her charity work, in addition  to her home-life with her family! She's there because her character fits into the storyline. She's a talented actress. She's a fan favorite as is her character, and entertainment reporters love her as well! She has star power! And, she is generous of spirit and is well deserving of this role!

If it were anything otherwise then she would have had parts in all of Rob's other projects. And probably lead roles to boot. And in Sam's projects too. But she doesn't, which validates her statement that Rob does what's right for the show. In addition, both Rob and Sam tend to work with the same people. That is why you see a lot of familiar faces in Spartacus, that were also in Xena, Hercules, and Legend of the Seeker, etc. Lucy is part of that trustworthy talented alumni.

Spartacus Comic Con Interview(transcript) Dustin Clare - Comic Bulletin - August 22 2011

Question: He's on his journey now...

Clare: Yeah, he's on his journey. He's kind of, he stays pretty solo really. he's still journeyman. We kind of visit a little in season 1 and uh, he continues to be a man of his own uh, uh a man of his own world, you know? readfull transcript
Sounds intriguing!

Spartacus Comic Con Interview(transcript) Manu Bennett - Comic Bulletin - August 22 2011

Question: How do you like working with Liam? The new guy.

Bennett: Oh, Liam's just awesome. And I say that without that, without that "oh I've been told to say he's awesome." You know? I met Liam in the trailer before his audition, you know while we were shooting the prequel and uh, I looked him in the eyes and all the other guys in the eyes that were there for the reading and Liam's eyes were honest. read full transcript
Interesting perspective about Liam. I feel the same about his character. After seeing Liam in many interviews, he's very humble and appreciative. He does have honest eyes!

Spartacus Comic Con Interview(transcript) Liam McIntyre and Steven S Deknight - Comic Bulletin - August 23 2011

Question: I heard that there is going to be a kickass female character introduced? Can you talk a little about her?

Deknight:...........So I knew that would be the natural evolution of the show. The news that was announced today played by Elen Polman is a character called Saxa. I can't really say much about her but she'll be appearing towards the middle of the season.

Question: Um, hi, Liam, hi. Spartacus. So what's it like jumping into this roll that's already starting to develop?

Liam McIntyre:I guess it's a really unique challenge for me. It's strange, in a way it's not that hard because there's this new kinda epic journey. But all the same you have a lot of fans and a lot of goodwill to really respect and obviously the amazing Andy in season one, you know?read full transcript
I believe that's a typo and it's suppose to be Ellen Hollman not Elen Polman. So Saxa will appear mid season! I'm glad the fans have been so kind. This isn't an easy situation. Especially for Liam, but he has a great attitude!

Spartacus Comic Con Interview(transcript) Katrina Law - Comic Bulletin - August 24 2011

Question: Steven said that there would be women fighting in this season. Are you going to be throwing down with anyone?

Law: Well Mira is very feisty. Um, I wouldn't be surprised if she gets her hands a little dirty. I wouldn't be surprised if you see a lot of slaves that never really had the chance to get down and dirty getting down and dirty because we have to full transcript
Oh I hope so! Love empowered women on my screen!

Transcripts: Comics Bulletin

Liam McIntyre Interview HFPA

Actor Liam McIntyre talks to the HFPA(Golden Globes) about his role as Spartacus readers:

August 16, 2011

Steven S Deknight Comic Con Interview - Flickcast

Interview with Steven Deknight readers:

Exclusive Interview: Steven S. DeKnight Talks ‘Spartacus’, Penning a TV Show Based on ‘The Flash’

Lucretia's Vengeance

Spartacus led the revolt and killed her beloved Batiatus. Crixus betrayed her with Naevia, and stabbed her in the stomach, killing her baby. Ilithyia locked the doors during the revolt! I think this girl is out for vengeance, eh readers! ;)

Lucretia's Vengeance by Klippart

August 11, 2011

Spartacus: Vengeance - Liam McIntyre goes to Comic-Con

New Starz video of Liam at Comic Con readers. Actually you get to see a bit of all the actors there:

Liam McIntyre (Spartacus) takes in the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. Spartacus: Vengeance premieres January 2012 on STARZ.

August 5, 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Comic Con Panel Notes

I made some notes while watching the Spartacus Vengeance Comic Con panel readers. But first, here's the video again:

And here are the notes I made:
-Lucretia has to claw her way back to some sort of platform of power.
-They do "it" with the most outrageous people.
-Oenomaus  deserves it! Getting whipped (in the trailer)
-It's so intriguing who's whipping and why.
-Ashur is back in a big way
-On Batiatus being gone: however the void is filled 

-He wants to honor the legacy.
-Was a fan of the show beforehand.
-He has spoken to Andy
-It makes his job easier knowing the guy that started the whole thing is ok with it. It means a lot to him

-Liam and Steven just met in person.
-There's an episode where they kill a lot of people.
-Spartacus learns how to be a leader in season two.
-There is a Roman side to the story.
-The Spartacus character doesn't curse.
-One brief flashback with Liam to re-shoot.
-Almost no flashbacks with Liam.
-Joe Loduca doing the music.
-No flashbacks with Andy.

-He and Spartacus are trying to find that common ground.
-There's can be conflict at times.
-Very light hearted all of the time on the set.
-About Naevia: he tries to find her.

-He's been out in the world.
-Experiencing different cultures and we'll see that in his costume.
-He has grown as man.
-Lucy: and banging chicks

-She is figuring out what it means to be free.
-She want to be close to Spartacus, to be a part of his life.

August 4, 2011

Blood, Guts, Sex and Lucy Lawless in Spartacus - Wired

Interview with Lucy and Liam readers:


An interesting comment from Lucy about her sex scenes readers:

Liam-he's going to be his own Spartacus but honor the first legacy.
Lucy-Ilithyia's got vengeance coming
Lucy-She thought her sex scenes would be over this season, but they're not(she jokes). The people she ends up "doing" are quite surprising.

August 4 2011

Spartacus - Comic-Con: Dustin Clare Interview - IGN

Interview with Dustin readers:

Spartacus - Comic-Con: Katrina Law Interview - IGN

Interview with Katrina readers:

Spartacus - Comic-Con: Manu Bennett Interview - IGN

Interview with Manu readers:

Lucy Lawless Interview With IMDB

Look at this snippet from IMDB blog readers:

“Spartacus: Vengeance” – A Chat with Lucy Lawless

Perhaps you can at least tell us if there’s anything that we should keep an eye on as season two develops.

Almost everything relates back to (Lucretia’s) husband, and her promise to him. From the beginning of “Gods of the Arena,” everything was about the Batiatus character, including killing his father…but the way to fulfill her promise to her husband is through Ilithyia.Read Article 

Hmmn.....that sounds interesting. I am more and more curious to see what happens between these two. Sound delish!

August 1, 2011

Lucy Lawless On Her Saturn Award and Fans

Hi readers, remember when I wrote about Lucy winning her Saturn award? Well AfterEllen has a great article with their coverage of the Spartacus Summer 2011 TCA Tour. Lucy mentions the award and her fans. Have a look:

Lucy Lawless and Katrina Law tease this winter's "Spartacus: Vengeance"

.....Finally, not that any of us needs another reason to love Lucy Lawless, the 43-year-old actress has never forgotten her past (when she first captured legion of fans as the star of Xena: Warrior Princess) and appears genuine when she receives accolades from the sci-fi/fantasy community. Asked how she felt about her recent Saturn Award win for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series and she replied with a smile, “Lovely. They are all, I feel, like family to me because they were there at the beginning of my career, and that sort of carried me through. And I’m very grateful for their support. And it’s nice to be recognized. I’ve never won anything — a hula hoop competition when I was about eight — but, yes, this is a nice one-two-punch for a talent locking mission. Read Full AfterEllen Article

How about that readers? Awww.....  :) I knew she'd enjoy winning that award! And she has always been so kind with her fans. Awww...... again  :)