June 27, 2011

Andy Whitfield Update

Look at this facebook post from Nick Tarabay aka Ashur readers:

To all the fans, I just got great email from Andy( Spartacus ) He's doing great and looking even better ( As you can see ) and before you know it I'm sure you all gonna see him on TV again. That man is a true warrior. everybody repeat after me, SPARTACUS SPARTACUS SPARTACUS..... LOL

11 hours ago ·  ·  · 

It's been so long since there was any news about him. So happy to hear that he's doing well! He looks very fine indeed in that picture. I read all the comments. He has so many fans supporting him. Plus I saw many happy tweets at twitter. If he so chooses to go back to the screen one day, he'll already have a ton of fans behind him! He truly is a warrior as Nick says!  I hope that he makes a full recovery, and wish him and his family all the best!

Steven DeKnight, Erin Cummings at the 37th Annual Saturn Awards Red Carpet

Look at this interview readers, from the Saturn awards:

Once again the word epic used to describe the second season. Remember the twist Lucy mentioned about her character readers? Interesting that he says they're keeping it under wrap about how Lucy is coming back. Wasn't it just a poke in the stomach? It's not a serious wound and she recovers. So what's the big secret right? Hmmnn, :-? sounds like there's more to it than that readers! Good analogy by Deknight describing Sura as Spartacus' Helen of  Troy. She's the reason he launches the war with the Romans!

June 24, 2011

Lucy Lawless Wins Saturn Award

Congrats to Lucy Lawless for Best Supporting Actress Saturn A... on Twitpic
Twit Pic photo embedded from http://twitpic.com/5fy5lz
Remember when I posted that Lucy and Spartacus were nominated for Saturn awards readers? Well guess what? Lucy won for best supporting actress! Yayyy! You can see the complete list of winners here.

What's a Saturn Award? : The Saturn Award is an award presented annually by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films to honor the top works in science fiction, fantasy, and horror in film, television, and home video. -Wikipedia

I like this award because it represents the best in a genre(my favorite) that is for the most part, ignored in the mainstream! While Spartacus isn't fantasy or science fiction, it does have a fantasy element because of the graphics and fight scenes. Spartacus is an unique show. It doesn't fit any particular mold. It doesn't try to! It does it's own thing! (Kind of like me readers ;) ) I've always said Lucy's acting is phenomenal! In Xena, and now in Spartacus! I'm glad she got this well deserved nod! F*ck the mainstream!

June 19, 2011

Tweets O' Sparty VII

Time for TOS again readers! >:D<  That's my new short for it. This is number seven!

 Steven DeKnight 
 by Klippart
Halfway through season two, yay! :D


News about Comic Com appearances which I have posted in the LucyLucretiaCorner. Appearing on the panel are: Liam McIntyre, Lucy Lawless, Dustin Clare, Manu Bennett, Katrina Law, and Steven S. DeKnight! <:-P

 Viva Bianca 

Epic block of the shoot? Definitely a tease, eh readers? >:)

 Dan Feuerriegel 

I heard that the Chilean volcano was causing travel woes in NZ and Australia. b-(

 Steven DeKnight 

This is here just because it made me LMAO! =))  And yes I faved it!

 Katrina Law 

Excited to see the coverage from CC! Wish I could go! 8->

 Steven DeKnight 

This sounds like a sure thing, the way he says it. So yay! =D> Wait-a-minute, I'm in Canada! And it's not even available for pre-order here. Tiny boo! :(

That's all folks! Until next time! :-*

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June 14, 2011

Interview with Steven DeKnight

Video interview with Steven Deknight readers, that goes with The Wrap interview.

Interview with Steven Deknight at The Wraps Season Screening of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

June 11, 2011

Tweets O' Sparty VI

Another edition of Tweets'O Sparty readers (a couple of facebook posts too) There's really nothing new. But fun to comment! I feel like a sports commentator! ;))

Oh my god, you're never gonna guess what happens in Episode 5 ... Well Sparty goes .... what ?? .... oh, woops, they're calling me back to set ... gotta go ... :P
15 hours ago ·  · 
What a tease!  >:) But hey, Agron is still alive for episode 5! So ha!

You guys have NO idea what awaits you in season 2!! Just think Batman and how dark and intense it is. Spartacus: Vengeance is going to be bigger, better, darker and way more entertaining than ever, you gonna LOVE it!! I attached the picture above just so you guys wont confuse my reference with the older Batman. You know the one with the neon lights and customs with nipples on it....LOL
Another tease! But now this is interesting, darker? :-?  Well season one was pretty dark!

 Steven DeKnight 

Good question! ;)  I've wondered about that myself! Mr. D isn't spilling tho!

 Liam McIntyre 

Ok, I'm not sure which episode he's referring to here. :-/  Either 4 or 5 I think.

 Steven DeKnight 

But will Lucretia find out this tidbit of information down the road? And will anyone find out that Lucretia killed Titus and Melitta? Or will these be things that only the viewers are aware of? ;;)

 Steven DeKnight 

This was on June 8th! There's something reassuring about hearing where they're at in shooting! :)

 Liam McIntyre 

I'll just say Yeeeeeeeaaah! :D

Some pretty good teases there eh readers? Fans ask really good questions too! Almost all the people that I see tweeting questions are nice, polite, respectful, and sometimes kind of cute with their inquiries! Glad to be a part of this fandom!  Until next time! :)

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