March 21, 2011

Like A Fine Wine

For Lucy's birthday! :)

March 17, 2011

Gannicus God of the Arena

March 9, 2011

Lucy's Facebook Page Wins Prize For Her Starship Charity

Hey readers, guess what! Lucy's Facebook page won that $5000.00 prize for her Starship charity which benefits sick kids!:) Thanks to everyone whom went over there and "liked" the page. See how simple that was readers! You(those of that "liked) helped to contribute $5000.00 to a charity! =D> Isn't that a good feeling! :D Here's Lucy's facebook message:

You guys rock! Argo has won the race!! Thanks for all your amazing support and 'likes' of this page - it means Starship wins $5000... but the real winners are the beautiful Starship kids. I can't thank you enough. Love Lucy
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March 7, 2011

Lucy Major Role in Season 2

Look at this snip from an AssignmentX interview out today readers:

AX: Lucretia will be back for season two, but will she be a cameo or a main character?

DEKNIGHT: She plays a major, major role. Lucretia has animosity for everybody at this point. She’s not a happy camper for sure. read more

Was there ever any doubt! ;) I can hardly wait to see what amazing stories the writers will weave in season two! They have such brilliant imaginations, that I never know what to expect! They are gifted and talented and know just how to fit the characters in even when others can't see how! That's why they are writers and we are the unsuspecting viewers!

I wonder what Lucretia will be up to in season two, eh readers? >:)

How do you like my emoticons? I'll be using them a lot now! :D